Republicans May Agree On Something

There are unconfirmed reports emanating from Washington D.C that Republicans are meeting and will agree to something about the debt ceiling. Most actually do not believe there is any need for speed, after all, we have at least a week to avoid bankruptcy. A new Gallup poll revealed that only 28% of Americans have a favorable view of the Republican Party. Senator Ted Cruz is expected to share with the American people results of his latest talk with God Almighty. My secret informants have told me that Cruz will reveal that God is against the Affordable Care Act. Why? If there is no health care law, more people will die and he will get to see them earlier than previously expected. Oh, the latest polls reveal that only 11% of Americans have any trust in our Congress.

Barry Black, the Senate chaplain, offered a sermon entitled: “enough is enough!” Amen, and that is from God himself.