Republicans New Circus In Town

Ah, the circus came to town and now the clowns will be able to perform before cameras. Republican Congressman Pete King is preparing to conduct investigations into alleged connections between American Muslims and terrorism. Actually, Pete King is an expert on terrorism. For years he supported and helped finance the Irish Republican Army in its attempts to overthrow the British government. King supported groups which set off bombs that killed innocent men, women and children. What better person to investigate how American Muslims do not kill anyone? We can look forward to a series of clowns and liars who offer innuendo, lies, and half truths about Muslims in America. The bottom line is 99% of US Muslims have no connection with terrorism unlike the 10% of Irish Americans who financed violence against children in Ireland. Of course, we will definitely witness at least five to ten investigations into the critical issue confronting America– where is the missing birth certificate of Barack Obama? Why won’t the gorillas in Africa produce his birth certificate–Muslim gorillas, that is!

Of course, first step on the road to bedlam will be passage by the Republican controlled House of Representatives of a bill to void health care reform in America. I wonder how many who voted for Republicans were denied access to health care due to pre-existing conditions? I wonder how many simply could not afford health care until the new law came into existence? At some point the ideologues will over reach and chaos will ensue. Oh well, welcome to America in year One of the Republican era of nonsense that will make most sane people seek refuge in Alice in Wonderland.