Republicans Offer Jobs Plan!

The Republican party quickly responded to the ideas of President Obama on how to create new jobs. For some strange reason, the president actually believes providing tax cuts for employers who hire new workers will result in new jobs. And, this idea about hiring teachers and firemen and policemen for jobs is among the most ludicrous proposed in years. Instead, we provide the plans of Republicans on how to create new jobs.

1.  Anyone hiring a maid or butler will be provided a $50,000 tax deduction.

2.  Any employer who fires ten percent of his workers will earn a $50,000 tax deduction for helping to create new jobs. If you fire a worker, then you have to hire another one to do the job.

3. All taxes will be eliminated for those earning above $500,000 in order to get these wonderful people focused on creating new jobs with their new money.

4.  A new “Kill A Muslim For Job Creation” will provide economic incentives to members of the NRA who kill a Muslim currently employed.