Republicans-Our Philosophy Is…..

Republican National Chairperson, Reince Priebus, decided to take on Chris Matthews on Hardball and came away wishing he had gone to a game of softball. Matthews challenged him to explain why so many Republican candidates do not believe in evolution or clime change since one might wind up as president of the nation. “Wouldn’t that be kind of scary to have someone who is so anti-intellectual as president?” Priebus responded by citing the question is whether Obama should continue as president.

In the scheme of this planet’s future, the stock market ranks way below what will occur if there IS climate change in the future. Priebus went on to blame Obama for all problems until Matthews noted the president inherited a mess from hell. All Priebus could respond was “I don’t think any party or person is blameless for this.”

I suspect he might check speeches by Republican candidates who have amnesia over disastrous wars and tax cuts which helped create the mess from hell.