Republicans Party Of No, No

The following is addressed to anyone who voted for the Republican Party this past November. You elected a group of people whose first, and only, loyalty is to further the political prospects of their party and to destroy President Obama in any way they can. If damaging Obama hurts Americans, so be it, because for them the name of the game is ensuring Obama can not accomplish any task. The president submitted a treaty to the Senate which reflects an effort to work with Russia in reducing missile issues. Fox News pundits already are warning about agreements with Russia in a manner that smacks of old time disputes with the Soviet Union. The Russian government has told NATO it seeks working with them in order to reduce problems that might emerge from rogue states employing such weapons. Russian President Medvedev said: “everybody’s clear the missile defense system will be useful only when it is universal.”

Republicans simply can not agree to any such treaty because the idea was proposed by President Obama. Republicans have become the party of incompetence and political dishonesty. No wonder they like Sarah Palin.