Republicans Play Politics With Vets!

The candidate for president of the Republican party gave an acceptance speech in which there was no reference to American soldiers currently engaged in war. So, why be surprised that  Republican senators are playing games  and delaying passage of a $1 billion program that would assist veterans find employment as police officers, firemen or working on conservation projects. Republicans object to the cost of the bill.

Let me see. Republicans controlled the US government in 2003 when President Bush invaded Iraq and led to costs that have passed a trillion dollars, but these economy minded senators do not believe we can find $1 billion for those who risked their lives! Oh, Senator Rand Paul held up the bill because he wants the US government to aid a doctor who was arrested in Pakistan because he cooperated with US forces in the Osama bin Laden  capture.

I wonder if Republicans would stall if the bill urged cutting taxes on wealthy folk?