Republicans Represent Lost Human Race

Most intelligent life forms are rather confused as to who are these people who term themselves, “Republicans.” They believe the Christian President Barack Obama is a Muslim who was born in Africa. They cheered war in 2003 and now blame Democrats for the war and wonder why Barack Obama got us into these conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. They believe in fiscal responsibility which led them to double the National  Debt from $5 Trillion to $11 Trillion. This blog has been able to uncover the reason for this bizarre behavior and thinking.

Chinese scientists have uncovered in a cave in China evidence of the existence of a   group of humans who were neither Cro-Magnons nor Neanderthal. It is now clear Republicans are descended from Red Deer Cave People. They look like humans, they speak like humans, and they breed like humans, but their mental thinking is definitely Red Deer Cave. Logic simply is beyond their abilities when confronted with situations. They retreat into fantasy.

After all, who but a Red Deer Cave person would sing like Mitt Romney??