Republicans Rush To Libya!

FLASH! EXCLUSIVE! This intrepid reporter can now claim to be in possession of the most important story of the year. The Republican party is tired of the incompetent US State Department has has now charted a plane to take their leaders to Libya in order to prevent further deaths to American diplomats.Flash! I can now confirm that Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney were seen boarding this plane with rifles in hand. John McCain is now present with Republican leaders and they are piling on rifles and machine guns and other high tech weapons as they journey to Libya in order to halt its growing civil war. Wait a second! Here she comes, the wild woman from Alaska with rifle in hand, ready to save America from the evil forces of Islam. This brave group of Americans are prepared to take on Libya militiamen who fired into crowds killing 32 and wounding nearly 400. No, we do not need the US Marines, we have the Republican party on hand to do battle against the evil forces of Islam. The fighting began when protestors in Tripoli were met by the Gharghur Militia as they shouted: “we don’t want militia in Tripoli.” What else could this brave band of merry warriors do but to shoot down the protestors.

FLASH! I just received word that former President George Bush has arrived on the scene of actions at the airport. He stopped chopping wood for the day and will now display his heroic body in action killing bad guys. As you recall, he fought against the Vietnam enemy while in Georgia. Thank God America, no more Benghazi mistakes. All we need is Ted Cruz to conduct a talkathon in Libya with his hot air and militia men will flee for their lives!!