Republicans Save America!

I spent most of my life as one of those communist liberal socialists, but recently had an opportunity to watch Glenn Beck and speak to honest. decent American members of the Tea Party. I have finally seen the light of intelligence. From what I have learned in the course of this quick course in economics and American history it is clear we need more and more Republicans in Congress.

1. Did you know if we can end abortions, the nation will have more children to put in schools that lack teachers due to budget cut backs? Let’s face it, most teachers are incompetent and under Republican rule, the kids will teach themselves. This shows how Republicans believe in children.

2. Republicans want to end funding any doctors or hospitals that allow women to abort a human being. Think of the positive side of this idea. We cease funding hospitals, we then have to fire doctors which means there are fewer doctors to perform abortions.

3. There is another benefit to closing down Government funded hospitals. No hospitals means each person is responsible for her/his health. This will lead to more exercise, better diets and we will wind up having a healthier population. Just close down those damn liberal Government funded hospitals.

4. I was so happy to hear Republicans had ended funding of Sesame Street. Sesame Street is a secret Communist oriented show which brainwashes children to believe they should make friends with strange looking black skinned kids or those who speak a babble from Asia. If we close down Sesame Street the kids will turn to NASCAR racing and become red blooded American he men and he women.

5. Of course, I am still upset at failure on the part of the Republican party to end social security. Why the hell should my tax money go to take care of a bunch of shiftless folk who refused to save for their old age?

6. Of course, the most important step taken by the Republican party is to lower taxes on the wealthy. Every dollar given to a millionaire means our money is being used to create jobs. Think about the positive aspect of lower taxes on the wealthy. More yachts will be built, more lavish parties held which provide jobs for waiters and bartenders, and more people working as maids. What exactly is so wrong about ensuring wealthy folk have more money? If you read the Bible, Christ clearly said: “Blessed are the wealthy, for theirs is the kingdom in Heaven.”

7. I propose we bring praying back to school. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all American children began the day saying: “Oh God, please make certain today that all Wall Street bankers earn a million dollars. Oh God, take care of the wealthy and make certain my dad and mom have jobs cleaning their lawns.”

  • Levi haapala

    Hahahah you think your smart don’t you..?? Well let’s explain how the liberal way is the better way.well thank you for passing a huge bill that no one has read thank you for having all the worthless government programs and don’t forget the new war that both sides don’t want.But will still happen. Any way thank you Obama my generations blood is on your hands you better make the right decision. Forget these tea party and social idiots