Republicans Screw 9/11 Heroes

The Republican Party is prepared to fight to the death in order to ensure that millionaires get their tax cut, but it has absolutely no interest in passing legislation that would honor those who risked their lives on 9/11. Politics may be the name of the game, but when a political party places no value on men and women who endured great pain in order to rescue those who were attacked by terrorists it leaves on wondering if members of the Republican party have any love for ordinary Americans. Republican Senator Lamar Alexander, when asked about voting for the James Zadroga Bill 9/11, commented: “we don’t know what it will cost.” Actually, it will cost about $7.5 billion. Apparently, passing tax cuts for the wealthy which will cost the US government about $700 billion is OK.

There simply are no words to describe Republicans who refuse to support this bill. The best one can say is they are closer in spirit to those who attacked America than those who defended it on 9/11.