Republicans Sort Of Support Our Troops

Members of the Republican Party are among the most vocal supporters of “our troops,” bit apparently this does not include females in the armed forces. During the administration of Ronald Reagan in 1981, Congress made certain that any American female soldier who was raped while on duty for their country would not be allowed to seek an abortion under provisions of military health plans. This policy continues and women who are in combat zones, and are assaulted by male soldiers leading to pregnancy must carry the baby to birth. There have been numerous studies which reveal that rape IS an issue in the armed forces. Even female soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan have been assaulted by their male comrades. Jessica Kenyon was serving in Korea when she was raped by a fellow soldier and became pregnant. She noted that “military health insurance doesn’t allow abortion coverage in cases of rape, and I was unable to have a safe abortion off-base, so I was stuck.” She secured a discharge from the military and went home with a child she did not wish.

There is rampant hypocrisy when it comes to any discussion of rape in the military. Everyone knows it occurs, but no one will allow victims of rape the right to decide if they wish an abortion. Oh, in Federal prisons a woman inmate who is raped has the right to an abortion. How about Republicans backing up their non-stop voices of patriotism by displaying concern for those who risk their lives serving this nation?