Republicans Stand For ??

A bipartisan committee consisting of Republicans and Democrate reached an agreement on how to deal with the reality of eleven million illegal immigrants residing and working in the United States of America. Of course, Tea Party folk want to send them back to where they came from, of course, if they did, who picks up the garbage and picks our fruit? Senator Ted Cruz once again clashed with his own party by demanding a secure  border before working toward citizenship for those working in America. Senator Chuck Schumer was disgusted and charged Cruz with harping on “the false issue of border security.” Republican opponents of immigration reform continue demanding a “secure border.”

There is not a single example of an immigrant from Mexico being involved in any Muslim terrorist event. Every example has come from people who never stepped a foot in Mexico so what does the border with Mexico have to do with terrorism. Do these idiots understand the Boston Marathon murders were committed by AMERICAN CITIZENS, NOT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTSA!!