Republicans Still Itching For War

The Republican party is ready to bring the American nation to an economic halt because it wants a reduction in expenditures. Of course, it was this same Republican party which got the United States into the current economic mess by starting two wars which have cost over a trillion dollars in expenditures. Many Republicans are furious at Barack Obama for failing to end fighting in Afghanistan while others want more expenditures in Afghanistan. If that was not enough, some Republicans are angry at the Obama administration for failure to sell the island nation of Taiwan 66 advanced F-16 fighter planes so it can be prepared for a Chinese invasion. Taiwan spends about $7 billion a year on its defense while China spends about $80 billion. Taiwan wants more US military aid and Republicans are supporting that request.

I admit to sometimes becoming confused about the Republican party. Does anyone really believe China is going to invade Taiwan? Yes, there are conflicts between the two nations. Yes, China wants Taiwan to acknowledge it is still a part of China. But, that does not translate into invasions or war. Taiwan and China have extensive trade relations and people go back and forth between the island and the mainland. Leave it to Republicans to get the United States into another military mess. The best policy is to stand apart, avoid arming Taiwan and allow commerce to continue. Eventually, both nations will work out their problems.