Republicans Still Ready To Fight

The Cold War ended twenty years ago but members of the Republican Party are still committed to the proposition that Russia poses some form of threat to American security. Yes, Russia still possesses access to nuclear weapons, but it lacks an army that could beat any major power and its airforce is out of date. President Obama negotiated a nuclear arms control treaty with President Medvedev last spring, but since Obama was the one who did the negotiating that means there is something wrong with the treaty. The arrogance of Republicans once again demonstrates a lack of understanding regarding the modern world. A rejection of the treaty would be a direct insult to the Russian government and simply arouse Russian nationalist Republicans to demand retaliation. NATO nations want to end the entire possibility of nuclear weapons being on their territory.

The Republican victory this month reflected an inability of contemporary Americans to understand world politics and a hidden desire to return to a mythical past when the US was dominant in the world. The world has passed by Americans who prefer what they think once was which actually never was and sure as heck is no longer viable.