Republicans Talk Tough On Afghanistan

The Republican party was in power when the United States invaded Afghanistan, the Republican party was in power when the US invaded Iraq. During the past EIGHT YEARS Republicans were remarkably silent about the need to send more troops to Afghanistan, remarkably silent about the need to create a powerful Afghan army, and, for the most part ignored military realities in that nation. Suddenly, with the advent of a Democratic president, Republicans have advice to offer. Republican whip Eric Cantor said his party would support more troops in Afghanistan.

I am willing to accept wagers that as the situation grows worse in Afghanistan, Republicans will sound off on why did Obama not send “enough” troops. Naturally, there will never be enough troops since the only thought in the minds of Republicans is to have Obama fail in Afghanistan. Oh, hundreds, if not thousands, of American soldiers might die, but Republicans always weigh gaining votes as the critical issue. Big deal, Americans die, the real issue is do Republicans win elections!