Republicans Want God On Our Side!

If anyone ever doubted that Barack Obama was a stealth Muslim  in our midst, we now have proof that this supposed man of Christianity was never one. Fox News is furious. President Obama sent a Thanksgiving message WITHOUT MENTIONING  GOD! Oh My God, can you imagine speaking at  Thanksgiving and not mentioning our beloved Lord way up on high. I think God is now taking marijuana in order to get the high that he failed to get from that closet Muslim!

We are a Christian nation, well, most are, but then again we have atheists and Jews and Muslims and a lot of others with stranger religions so how come on Thanksgiving the president failed to find time to give thanks to God. Examine the reasons why we should thank God:

1.  We have a collection of outstanding minds running for the Republican nomination for president. In fact, one of them actually knows the location of Afghanistan!

2.  We humans have never witnessed a single year in the history of our race which lacked war, death, famine and hatred. Oh God, thank you so much for making us in your image!

3. And, we have Fox News which will catch a president if he fails to mention God. Of course,  George Bush failed to mention the Lord in his last Thanksgiving message, but he probably had gone back to booze.