Republicans: We Created The Debt-You Pay For It!

The Republican party is like a life long alcoholic who finally found God and went off the wagon of spending. George Bush inherited a National Debt of $5 Trillion and when he left office it was $12 Trillion. The people who voted for war and reduced taxes which helped to wreck the economy, now believe it is a sin to raise the national debt limit. As far as they are concerned, Democrats caused wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, they constantly voted to raise the national debt ceiling, and it is time to put a halt to these spendthrift ways. President Obama assured the nation he would cut a deal with Republicans to avoid default on debts. “The United States of America does not run out without paying its tab. We pay our bills. We meet our obligations.” He indicated there were only a handful of folks in the House of Representatives who must be convinced. However, Republican leader, John Boehner insists “there was no agreement, publicly, privately, never an agreement, and frankly not close to an agreement.”

Nearly half the people in this country don’t regard refusing to pay debts as a great crisis. Perhaps, it is time for Americans to be given a dose of castor oil and swallow what happens when a nation refuses to pay what it owes. Perhaps, those who vote for Tea Party candidates need to learn what happens when one elects idiots to run the nation.