Resign Or Die Is Offer To Madacasgar President!

Early reports about the resignation of the president of Madagascar indicated that Marc Ravalomanana decided in the interest of peace and security in the nation to offer his resignation. However, latest reports indicate he signed the resignation with weapons pointed at hi. “I never resigned. I was forced to hand power over at gunpoint” he now says. Ravalomanana told a special meeting of the Southern African Development Community he had no desire to resign but was forced to by members of the military. The SADC made an unusual decision to suspend Madagascar due the manner in which the current government assumed power. A foreign diplomat who was in the area said he never saw any military forces in the area when the resignation took place.

The SADC is upset at how Madagascar is ruled but it refuses to take any action against President Robert Mugabe who stole an election and has brutalized the nation of Zimbabwe. Is there a double standard as to who can or can not assume power in an African nation?