Respect Dignity Of Prostitutes

The Chinese police recently issues a warning to police officers to respect the dignity of prostitutes while enforcing laws against prostitution. This is an admirable thought and, hopefully, it will be considered by Americans this fall when they go to the polls. We have a Congress filled with men and women who daily prostitute themselves before the gods of business in order to secure money that allows them to remain in office in order that they can obtain money from business lobbyists in order to get elected. It it time for a federal law to protect the rights of members of Congress who are among the most blatant prostitutes on this planet. Most prostitutes seek the cover of darkness or hidden corners in order to ply their wares. Congressmen hit out for the most expensive restaurant, not only to get an expensive meal, but the money they need for continuing in public office. Of course, while on the subject of selling out for money, we could include the executive branch.

Of course, when considering the president and his associates, the easiest way to get them to do anything is simply to loudly shout: “If you don’t do as I say, it will be on Fox News, tonight. What does on term prostituting oneself before Fox News?