Restaurant Week In Jenkintown

Jenkintown is just at the outskirts of the city of Philadelphia and during the past decade has continually grown in size. In the past there was only one restaurant in Jenkintown, but today it proudly boasts of twenty four. Its mayor, Ed Fohly decided to make known restaurants in his city by eating in each and every one during a 24 binge of food. His eating tour ranged from one pancake at Ihop to matzo ball soup and latkes at La Pergola, the Jewish restaurant in town. His idea offers some new approaches that members of Congress might experience:

1. John Boehner during a month can live on Food Stamps, just like other Americans do.

2. Paul Ryan can spend two weeks in a rat filled apartment in Washington D.C, you know, the type of dwelling place in which live our wealth donors.

3. Justice Alioto can spend the next year without medical coverage and take advantage of the Emergency Room.

4. Hey, Ted Cruz, how about your kids in a Washington D.C. school for a year?

5. Then again, President Obama’s kids spending a year with over worked teachers cramming for tests in a Harlem school?

6. I would so love to see Fox News correspondents in a city in Syria where they can grab arms and fight for freedom.

7. Your local gun nut spending a few months in Chicago in a gang infested area. Grab your gun and shoot it out with a few local gangs!