Restore Friendship In Congress

This blog is happy to offer a solution to current conflicts in the American Congress and restore civility between opposing factions. There is an opportunity for members of the Tea Party to assist in the campaign of creating a harmonious American Congress which can work together and solve problems together. The answer is simple-just begin to act like our brother the chimpanzee! About six million years ago, we humans and chimps had a common ancestor, but alas, over the course of time we lost contact with our chimp brothers and sisters. It turns out that chimps in Dutch zoos, help arrange one another’s hair, pick out lice and remove dirt and hang out with one another. In other words, if chimps physically cooperate with one another, they become friends and will not fight with one another. We propose:

1. Morning sessions in the gym where a Democratic Congressman and a Republican Congressman pick lice from one another’s hair and comb it.
2. It now becomes a requirement that members of opposing parties must eat lunch together.
3. Tea Party members must wipe the ass of Democratic Congressmen when they head for the Rest Room.
4. Since members of Congress enjoy fucking the American people, why not have a weekly “I will fuck you if you will fuck me” day in Congress?

Just remember, if chimps of a feather can sit together so can chumps of a feather in Congress sit together!