Restore Monarchy To USA?

A wedding will take place this week in London which has absorbed the attention of the American people. In fact, a new film, “William and Kate” is being shown to those who would like to waste a few hours of their time watching boredom. At least the London wedding is making people in England come together for a few moments and forget their problems. We believe it is time to bring back the monarchy to these shores.

One might argue we already have a monarchy of the ignorant since few nations of the world could match our candidates for the presidency. Think about it, how many nations have people with names like Mitt or Newt or Donald Duck or Sarah and Michele who have no idea where Libya is in the world? Perhaps, it is time to restore the monarchy we ousted in 1776.

A monarch would compel loud mouth ignorant idiots who yell about the birth place of their president to confront a King or Queen who would be shocked by their ignorance. It is one think for Glenn Beck to draw lines leading to no place and another for Glenn to look a Queen in the face and repeat his nightly nonsense. How about King William and Queen Kate becoming our leaders? It can’t be worse than living in a land in which Donald Duck Trump is actually being considered a candidate for president!

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