Restoring Family Values, Palin Style

Sarah Palin has never missed an opportunity to blast opponents on issues of morality. Her claim to personify the true meaning of Christian family values is well known throughout the land. She is against gays and lesbians because they offer poor examples to youth regarding the meaning of family values. Of course, her own daughter, Bristol, became pregnant without benefit of marriage, had a child, and then told his dad to get the hell out of the house and have nothing to do with the kid. Naturally, this attitude is what Sarah Palin means by “family values.” After the split with ex-boy friend, Levi Johnston, Bristol reached out to the boy, and in a spirit of forgiveness and redemption, agreed to marry him. Unfortunately, it now has come to light that Levi, the boy wonder, just knocked up a girl who he was dating after told to leave by Bristol

Frankly, we don’t give a damn who is sleeping with whom, who is the father or mother of a baby, the only wish we have is for people like Sarah Palin to shut up about family values until she sorts out her own family values.

  • Byron Mullet

    Just because you make a mistake balancing your checkbook, doesn’t mean you stop being an advocate for mathematics or balancing checkbooks.  You might even become more of an advocate for proper training in fundamentals of the same…