Restoring Honor To America From Those Who Dishonor It!

Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck along with thousands of others attended a rally in Washington D.C, whose theme was restoring the honor of the United States. Of course, the issues are: (a) has America’s honor been damaged?, (b) if so, who or what did the damaging, and (c) are those urging restoration the ones responsible for what ever has happened to this nation’s honor. Let’s look at the record:

1. In 2001, incoming president George Bush was given a budget by former President Clinton that contained a surplus.
a) Within a year, the God fearing George Bush had moved from a budget surplus to a budget deficit.
2. In 2001, incoming President George Bush inherited a national debt of about $5 trillion.
b) When George Bush departed the presidency he left a national debt of $11 trillion.
3. In 2001, George Bush ordered the invasion of Afghanistan.
c) Nine years later we are still fighting in Afghanistan due to Bush’s incompetence.
4. In 2003, Bush invaded Iraq seeking the ever elusive WMD.
d) We never did find the WMD, but Bush found a way to lead to the deaths of over 4,000 American soldiers.
5. President Bush pushed through a stimulus package to deal with the economic fiasco he created.
6. President Obama is still attempting to clean up the Republican mess.

So, all one can assume from FACTS is the Republican Party tarnished the honor of America.