Restoring Sanity To Republicans

I recently read a story about a woman in China who was mentally ill and fell from a fifth story window and survived. The story made me realize how sanity could be restored to Republicans.

1. Michele Bachmann should be compelled to go around for one month in a black skin and wander the streets of Harlem seeking work.

2. Sarah Palin should be locked in a room for one week listening to her cute speeches.

3. Glenn Beck should be sent to work for a year on highways where he draws straight white lines that actually lead somewhere.

4. John Boehner should become an elevator operator for a year who takes wealthy men up to their offices and listens to their stories of how the government was fucked.

5. Mitt Romney should be ill for a year and forced to get by on the Massachusetts health plan he designed.

6. Rush Limbaugh should be given a job shoveling shit fifteen hours a day so he can smell what he shovels to the American people.

7. Newt Gingrich and wife should become members of a swinger group of sadists and masochists.

8. Members of the Tea Party should be compelled to take a course in American history and actually learn about the Tea Party.