Resurgent Russia– Divided West

Vladmir Putin and George Bush area tale of two leaders who seek to stride across the world as powerful figures for whom the world must treat with respect. Putin just performed a cool, analytical and calculated dismantling of a small country which removes that nation from being able to play any role in the Caucasus area. George Bush blundered his way across Iraq leaving in his wake, death, confusion and a sense of American impotence. Putin has instructed Russian forces to destroy factories, ships and oil facilities so Georgians will think twice before trying to defy Russian power in the region. Dimtry Rogozin, Russian ambassador to NATO summed up America’s latest humiliation under the administration of George Bush by exclaiming with glee, “America’s favorite child is now going to hell.” Bush tried to out fox a cold, calculating man who would not hesitate to use the full force of his nation to attain victory. Bush lost.

The West is divided. Europe needs Russian energy and Europe is in no mood for military confrontation with the newly defiant Russian government. Dimitry Medvedev, the new president, has proven he is a stooge who may express a few liberal ideas but, in reality, he does not oppose his mentor.

As China celebrates its emergence on the world scene as a dominant economic power, Putin is resorting to military action to demonstrate the leading role his nation intends to play. The bottom line is Bush challenged Russia by pushing for Georgia entry into NATO and proceeding with missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. The end result of this provocative action on the part of Bush was disaster for the nation of Georgia. Will any small nation now take the risk of listening to American advice if they know the US is powerless to do anything other than express words of regret? Frankly, NATO is a paper tiger and the USA is stretched to its military limits and unable to use force in any new situation. The legacy of George Bush will linger for many years.

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