Rethinking George Bush

As always in America just wait a few years until we have forgotten what the culprit did because we Americans have a notorious short memory or we are very forgiving people. The reincarnation of George Bush is in full swing and his popularity is rising by the day. We now learn that he battled Vice President Dick Cheney and was attempting to do what was right and finally got it right. As I recall, he boasted and boasted about his famous “surge”and the brilliant General David Petraeus. This year over 5,000 Iraqis have died at the hands of al-Qaeda. You know, the al-Qaeda that was wiped out during the famous surge led by the great general who never won a battle.

George Bush displayed no interest in the needs of poor people. His only concern was for the welfare of the wealthy. He went to war based on a lie. He lacked proof of everything he was telling the American people. He was guilty of war crimes, not of being a softy who was manipulated by his vice president.