Return Fire Order In Pakistan

There undoubtedly is some confusion among Republicans who have been constantly claiming that Barack Obama is a Muslim and not a true American after events in Pakistan. American soldiers involved in the mission to capture Osama bin Laden were given explicit orders by the president that if fired upon by Pakistan troops they were to return fire and, if necessary, use force in order to return home. He also ordered two additional helicopters to be at readiness in case Pakistan soldiers attempted to halt the operation. One wonders if Republicans can explain why a Muslim sympathizer ordered the execution of a noted Muslim warrior and why he allowed US troops to fire on their allies in Pakistan. I am certain Glenn Beck will be displaying his lines which lead from Osama bin Laden to….. George Bush in Texas??
The entire incident is simply one more example of working with an “ally” whose only thought is dealing with India, not the Taliban or al-Qaeda. The larger issue is what to do about atomic bomb holder Pakistan. We can not walk away from a nation which has numerous atomic bombs, but we cannot continue the present policy of catering to their whims and allowing them to support enemies of our fighting men. We can’t cut and run. We can’t remain in place. So, what to do?