Return Of Sarah

For some unknown reason the folks at Fox News decided to ask Sarah Palin to depart from the  premises. Thus, for several months the American people were unable to obtain the wisdom of the woman from  Alaska. It appears that she used this time to lose a little weight and obtain some stylish clothes. She also has decided to read Dr. Seuss and lift his ideas as part of her campaign to spread knowledge to the children of this nation. She wants little kids to understand that “liberals” seek to corrupt their minds with tales about equality of people or the right of lazy folk to secure medical care. As we all know, God is not part of any health insurance plan and He is doing OK!

Sarah is back with her smile of wisdom, her sword thrusts at homeless folk and those who must raise children without benefit of money or health care or day care. These women are not able to raise a child according to the tenets of God. If only they raised their children as does Sarah, the era of illegitimate children will end. Anyway, glad Sarah has returned to fight the  evil of banning large sodas. With Sarah on His side, God will sleep at peace tonight.