Return To Mother Russia

During the past several months, Senator John McCain and many Republicans have been demanding that President Obama “take action” in order to halt Russian seizure of land in the nation of Ukraine. Fox News even claimed the recent seizure of girls in Nigeria by Boko Haram stemmed from refusal on the part of President Obama to resist Russian actions with military actions on our part. Of course, Boko Haram leaders have absolutely no idea as to the nation of Russia nor something that is called, Ukraine. In this case, Barack Obama has kept his cool, drawn upon economic sanctions, and did not send a single American soldier into harm’s way. Instead of an endless brutal war in Iraq or Afghanistan, the situation in Ukraine is now concluding in a peaceful manner.

President Vladimir Putin announced that Russian troops on the border of Ukraine will return to their bases. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu sent a similar message to US Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel. The crisis is defused, why?

1. America used economic weapons rather than military ones.
2. Ukraine industrialists decided there were economic consequences for themselves and their workers by continued chaos in the country.
3. Workers were sent into cities to end violence and protect their jobs.


I wonder if Fox News will make any mention of an Obama success story??