Reverend “Burn A Koran Today” Speaks In UK

The Reverend Terry Jones who heads a congregation numbering under 200 folk became famous by organizing a “Burn A Koran Today” day in order to show the world how all decent folk simply do not like those of the Muslim faith. He was invited to speak before a group of nincompoops called the English Defense League(EDL) which advertised how he would prove to one and all about “the evils and destructiveness of Islam.” I am not a Christian and find it fascinating that one from a religion whose German supporters only killed 35,000,000 people goes around claiming that Muslims are “destructive.” Well, I guess killing 2,900 Americans makes a religion destructive while killing in the millions only means they are now sorry and all is forgiven.
On the other hand, the idea of having days to burn a Koran got me thinking: How about:

Hold a dying 9/11 policeman hostage day until President Obama grants wealthy people tax relief.

A National Day of Giveness in which Americans donate dollars to the wealthy 1% of our nation on the assumption they will spend the dollars to get us all jobs.

A National Day Of Drawing Lines leading to secret Socialists in the Obama administration.

Or, for have the NRA sponsor a ‘Kill A Muslim Today” to protect 2nd Amendment rights to kill anyone we don’t like.