Revolution A Dawning In Ukraine

The Ukraine is a nation divided between those residing in the eastern portion who are strongly pro-Russian and those in western areas whose dream is for their nation to become part of Europe and enjoy a life in which freedom is the right of all, and for which there are sound economic possibilities for all people. When President Viktor Yanukovych turned down an offer from the European Union to become a member, it shocked western Ukrainians. They believe themselves betrayed by Yanukovych who has already shocked many by imprisoning the prior prime minister. Yesterday, over 500,000 people crowded the streets of Kiev shouting and demanding an end to the pro-Russian drift of their government. Ukrainians had enough of thug led governments when under rule of the Soviet Union. Yesterday, the people of Kiev destroyed a statue of Lenin as they marched through the streets.

Russians and Ukrainians have endured hundreds of years of turmoil and brutality and life under dictators. It is time for Viktor to depart and seek refuge in the land of Putin. It is time to finally give people in eastern Europe one opportunity to live in peace and democracy.