Rice Warns Hamas-Hamas Warns Israel-Israel Warns Hamas

The warning game is being played in the Middle East as Secretary of State Condi Rice warned Hamas that acts of violence only damaged the cause of Palestinians.”I sincerely hope that there will not be a resumption of the violence because that is not going to help the people of Gaza. United Nations Secretary General Ban ki-moon urged rocket attacks to cease and called upon both sides to cooperate. A spokesperson for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry urged Israel to be more flexible about opening the Gaza crossings while urging Hamas to avoid rocket attacks.

President Bush told reporters we’ve “made a good deal of progress” in the Middle East while Israeli officials insisted there could not be a half truce,but there must be an end to rocket attacks.

The only conclusion any reasonable person could make is that everyone is “urging peace” but no one has the slightest interest in actually bringing about peace. Of course, people have been “urging peace” for almost half a century.