Rich And Powerful Do Not Pay!

Perhaps, I am a cynic, perhaps I underestimate the anger of Ms. Diallo, the maid who allegedly was attacked by all powerful financier, Dominique Strauss-Kahn(DSK), but my gut reaction is a group of lawyers will sit down in a room,  drink coffee and figure out a way so that no one winds up in court. At this point, lawyers for Ms. Nafissatou Diallo insist she is proceeding with the case against DSK and money is not the object of her desires.

I suspect this is a tale told by a nice lady and it contains sound and fury against a n evil person, but the winds of dollar bills will shortly blow across the plains of anger. If one has an opportunity to secure a few million and the cost is not sending someone to  jail, we suspect sound reason of dollars triumph emotional feelings of revenge. After all, this is a capitalist world in which money is the only guarantee of happiness for most people.

The case against DSK will collapse due to lack of evidence. Of course, evidence of money being turned over will never enter the equation of guilt or innocence.