Rich Australian Boys Muck Up On Muck Up Day

Wealth in all societies is an invitation to act in bizarre and disorderly ways because there are always parents standing by to assert the power of money. A group of boys attending the exclusive Xavier College in Melbourne, Australia, decided the principal had violated their rights to abuse other students by suspending them for a few days. They decided to declare a “muck-up” which gave them permission to rampage through the streets of Melbourne destroying property and throwing their beer bottles wherever they desired. The boys had been guilty of injuring a fellow student whom they had been bullying for months. Naturally, to the children of power, they had a right to abuse and hurt.

The principal received numerous phone calls from irate parents who were upset he had suspended the boys for three days. Perhaps, the parents had forgotten the world has witnessed boys who had submitted to being bullied decided to take out their anger with guns aimed at fellow students rather than going on a drunken rampage.

One can only imagine the reaction of these parents to a drunken rampage by children whose skins were not white.