Rich Create Depression, Poor Suffer Consequences

As American troops in 2001 swept into Afghanistan the George Bush administration had pushed through among the largest tax cuts in history, an act which undoubtedly set a tone that has lasted nearly a decade. Nonstop raises in the price of war which should lead to securing funding for these ventures from the wealthy, but this is Tea Party, Republican America in which the entire reason for fighting “terrorists” is to protect the right of wealthy people to keep their money–and, to make certain their children are safe from the bombs and deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq. During World I and War II, surcharges were placed on the wealthy in order to have them pay the cost of war, but such thoughts are anathema to modern Americans. Close libraries, reduce Medicaid aid, refuse to pass legislation that would create jobs. Why? Ask a member of the Tea Party and the response is clear– raising taxes on the wealthy is the first step on the road to SOCIALISM! Just about every state in this nation is reducing government expenses on needed facilities ranging from aid to the elderly and sick to nursery schools to Parents as Teacher programs and the cost of attending college is rising.

Neither of our political parties has the guts to speak the truth. We must raise taxes, we must create job bills. Examine reality. If people are unemployed it means less tax money entering the Treasury and more money going out to pay for unemployment needs. Yes, spending more money on job creation increases our debt. But, the Bush tax cuts added at least a trillion dollars to our national debt and add on a few additional trillion when dealing with war costs.