Rich Get Richer!

If one is born poor, one soon discovers that those born rich operate under different rules of life. It goes without saying that those  with  lots of dough require lots and lots of dough because their version of poverty insists anything less than a million a year reduces an individual to a state of poverty. A new study in England reveals that people in the UK who earn more than $200,000 a year receive tax relief worth about $15,000  a year in tax relief. I assume that other tax payers somehow are the ones who assist their rich compatriots with this exta money.
I realize that Mitt Romney and the Republican party accept this transfer of money from one group to another is NOT redistribution of wealth. It is simply providing job creators with money to create jobs-for their accountants, I assume. I hope those who are poor recognize that without this money, wealthy folk might leave our nation and seek wealth elsewhere.

I am glad to go hungry if it enables wealthy folk to have enough money to purchase a yacht. This means I am helping to create jobs. Gee, I am now a job creator!