Rich Guy,Reform Guy

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is very upset at Mitt Romney now that the shutdown is over. For some strange reason, he believes that Congressman Paul Ryan is “one of the smartest and most decent people I know in or out of politics.” He believes that Mitt Romney ran a terrible campaign and came across as the “rich guy” rather than the
reform guy.” Walker is down on Mitt for lacking “passion” and “failing to connect with the people.” Let me get this straight. Walker believes that Ryan who proposed reducing Medicare benefits and cutting Social Security is very smart! He charges Mitt with coming across as a “rich guy” but thinks someone who refuses to tax the wealthy, and wants older Americans to have fewer benefits will come across as the hero of average Americans!!

The problem was the message being delivered by Romney. He had a wonderful opportunity to run as one who supported HIS HEALTH CARE PROGRAM, but, instead, he opposed any health care program. Sorry, Scott, it was the message as well as the messenger!