Richard Goldstone Is What A Jew Should Be–Honest!

Richard Goldstone was asked by the United Nations to research what happened during the Israel invasion of Gaza. His final report indicated that both sides in the conflict –Hamas and the Israel Defense Force (IDF) had been guilty of actions that constituted war crimes. Since issuing results of a conflict in which he concluded BOTH sides had made mistakes, Richard Goldstone has been subjected to a non-stop barrage of intimidation by those who claim to speak for the Jewish people and the state of Israel. Goldstone was informed he could not even attend the bar mitzvah of his grandson without the emergence of violent demonstrations against him. Finally, as a condition of attending without violence, he had to promise to meet with South African Jewish leaders. Legally, this constitutes blackmail.

Many critics of Goldstone like Alan Dershowitz accuse him of being a liar, a “traitor to the Jewish people” and a self hating Jew. The essence of being a Jew is to fight for social justice and against all forms of racism. Critics claim his report would “delegitimize Israel.” Goldstone urged Israel to conduct its OWN INVESTIGATION! How could requesting a nation to study possible mistakes constitute an insult? He placed blame on BOTH PARTIES and asked both to study the problem. A self study by Israel would have sent a message to the world that Israel, unlike China or Myanmar or Sudan, was a democratic society that acknowledges its own mistakes.