Rick Perry Comes Out Shooting

Stand aside America, we have a new cowboy from the great state of Texas who is ready to restore freedom and democracy to the nation even if it includes shooting a few people to accomplish this goal. Perry lashed out at Ben Bernanke, Chair of the Federal Reserve System who he charged was behaving in a treasonous manner and the good folks in Texas would treat him “pretty ugly” if he appeared in their fair state. He also blasted Barack Obama for not having served in the military asserting most people in the military prefer someone who has served in the armed forces.

We regret not having checked with the 1.5 million in the armed forces so it is unclear how they regard those who have not served. This old Korean War veteran knows only too well how many in the military dislike generals and admirals along with sundry other leaders of the country. Of course, the current Congress contains the fewest number of men and women who have served in the armed forces in over fifty years.

Let me review this issue:

Abraham Lincoln was never a member of the US military.

Woodrow Wilson did not serve in the military.

Calvin Coolidge did not serve.

Herbert Hoover did not serve.

Franklin D. Roosevelt did not serve.

Of course, George Bush II was kept out of harm’s way due to dad’s influence.

As I recall, Dick Cheney got four draft deferments during the war in Vietnam.

Ronald Reagan did publicity stuff while in the armed forces.

OH, add to the list, James Madison, James Monroe, John Adams, John Q. Adams, etc..

Hey, didn’t Rick Perry urge Texas to secede from the Union??