Rick Perry-Die Texans!

Governor Rick Perry of the great state of Texas wants the American people to know he would rather have Texans die than be saved by some SOCIALISTS in Washington D.C. He refused to implement the Affordable Health Care Act in his state. “I will not be party to socializing healthcare and bankrupting the state in direct contradiction to our Founding Fathers principles of limited government.”

Of course, millions in Texas can not afford  access to health care and depend upon the Emergency Ward–talk about Socialism in action! Of course, citizens of Texas belong to Medicare which is government run . I always become amused when Re;publicans discuss our “founding Fathers.” Our Founding Fathers DISCARDED THE ARTICLE OF CONFEDERATION BECAUSE THEY WANTED A S TRONG CENTRAL GOVERNMENT!!

I forgot  that in Texas one can not sell textbooks which offer an accurate presentation of American history.