Rick Perry Exposes Ulterior Motive!

Governor Rick Perry of the great state of Texas has led that state for several years. During his term of office, former President George Bush was in charge of our southern border with Mexico. The facts are this: three times the number of illegal immigrants from Mexico have been deported back to Mexico by President Obama than were under President Bush. I do not recall any complaint from Governor Perry during the Bush years about failure of the president to take action against illegal immigrants. But, Rick wants the world to know that he has uncovered a secret plan by the Obama administration to flood our borders with illegals. Perry told Fox News, (who else) that Obama has a plan that entails secretly conveying to Central American children that the border awaits their arrival. “I have to believe that when you do not react in any way, that you are either inept, or you have some ulterior motive at work.” I assume he means, President Obama wants Central American children to arrive in the USA, somehow get a voter ID and then vote for Democrats in elections this fall. Why didn’t I think about this?

There is something ironic concerning the Republican insistence that Barack Obama is responsible for children seeking refuge in America,and delays in returning them to their homes in Central America. A law was passed during the administration of George Bush which PREVENTS the speedy return of children. The original intention of the law was to prevent trafficking in children by smugglers. In other words, President Obama can NOT quickly return the children because a REPUBLICAN CONGRESS passed such a law.

However, Governor Perry correct about President Obama. He is inept in his failure to convey the truth about his record on deportations to the American people. When will he learn how to communicate with Americans??