Rick Perry Forgets Constitution

During the Republican primaries, Texas Governer Rick Perry forgot the names of Cabinet positions and today he apparently has forgotten the name of a document known as the Constitution. His Attorney General Greg Abbot decided to intervene in a case pertaining to cheer leaders who placed signs on school banners stating “I can do all things through Christ which stengthens me!” Mr. Abbott believes one can use the name of Christ on school materials.

According to Abbott, “after redceiving a menacing letter from an organization with a reputation for bullying school districts, the Kountze(school superintendent) improperly prohibited school cheerleaders from including religious messages on their game day banners.” Several parents support their children in being able to propogate the ideas of Jesus Christ in a public school.

The “bully” is Freedom From Religion Foundation which has the weird idea our Constitution forbids displays of religious statements to students. I assume Rick Perry would also claim that Thomas Jefferson was a “bully” for religious freedom.