Rick Perry, Upholder Of Democracy

Governor Rick Perry of the state of Texas is among the most significant political leaders and a well known expert on constitutional law. OK, so occasionally he forgets the names of those in the Cabinet, OK, so he is rather vague as to what is happening in the world, but he does understand that after 20 weeks of pregnancy a woman has conceived a living human being. The governor is furious at Wendy Davis who filibustered against his proposed new law that bans an abortion after twenty weeks of pregnancy. According to Perry, “we have witnessed the hijacking of the democratic process by a woman who has “failed to learn from her mistakes asa single mother.”

Perry insists those fighting against abortion conduct themselves with “civility, and dignity.” I do not recall a single example of those supporting abortion rights who ever killed anyone. Sorry, the same can not be said for those who oppose abortion.

Oh, Texas this week will execute its 500th prisoner for the act of murder. A record unmatched in the entire world. So much for civility.