Rick Reveals Mental Lapse

Governor Rick Perry has offered those in the media a wonderful opportunity to daily indulge in making insightful remarks about the world in general. Each day there is either a lapse in knowledge about the past or simply a lack of knowledge concerning what happened in Afghanistan over the past decade. According to Rick, it is the fault of Democrats the US got involved in Afghanistan and it is the fault of Obama that we want to leave the mess created by Republicans.

“We need to be thoughtful before we ever to into an area that America’s interests are  truly being impacted and then we have to start having a thoughtful conversation with those commanders in the filed about how to be bringing our young men and women back. I think the president made a huge mistake by signaling the enemy that we are going to leave at a  particular time. That’s bad public policy.”

1. Mr.  Perry supported the Bush decision to go to war in Afghanistan.

2. Mr. Perry never criticized Bush for failing to develop a strong Afghan army.

3. President Obama has worked closely with “commanders in the field” about bringing our soldiers home.

When will Rick Perry actually display the faintest idea about honesty in his comments?