Rick Santorum is this week’s chosen one by God, or at least, that is what Rick S. says and we want to make certain no one is confused and thinks it is Rick P. Of course, God shook his head at Newt who became neutered and instead of being at the head  of the pack, he is now third in the running. Of course, Mitt actually is number one in Iowa, but Rick S. is bearing down on him as he proclaims to the people of Iowa that he loves God, he loves Jesus Christ, he loves his wife and he loves his children so much they are being home-schooled in order to avoid being contaminated by secular children.

I am a bit confused. If Rick S. is the hero of this week, and Michele and Herman and Rick P have previously been heroes of the week, who is left for next week? Oh, I know, Rudy Giuliani is ready to offer a ticket with himself to head it and Donald of the hair as his VP!