Rick Wants To Save America’s Families

Republican candidate Rick  Santorum has finally uncovered the source of America’s economic collapse. No, it is not the banks. No, it is not sending jobs overseas, no it is not collapse of the housing market. It is single parent families and allowing gays and lesbians to marry! He promised to “die on the hill”to fight against legalizing gay marriages and wants Americans to recognize that “sex is supposed to be within marriage.” I assume that will come as a shock to millions of single people who f–k around.

Rick points out that Democrats benefit for all this loose sex. “Look at the political base of the Democratic party. It is single mothers” who want to be paid by the government for having kids. “So, if you want to rid the Democratic advantage what you want to do is build two parent families.”

I found it ironic that standing next to him on the platform where fools explain foolish ideas stood Newt Gingrich. Newt married his high school teacher, told her he wanted a divorce while she was in a hospital bed, married the woman who he was having sex with-outside of marriage. Then, he dumped that wife and married his secret lover. I guess if we want to end this loose sex then Newt Gingrich should be sterilized for the good of the Republican party.