Riders To Rescue Of Dead Soldiers!

The Westboro Baptist church is composed of people from another century and another time who believe they serve their God by attending funerals of those who have fallen in battle in order to shout curses and warnings of Hell. Our Constitution provides them a right to be idiots, after all, our Constitution provides members of the Tea Party the right to utter inane economic ideas. But, recently, a group fo men and women have uncovered an interesting way to diminish the presence of haters at a funeral.

The Patriotic Guard Riders now appear wherever Westboro folk come and as they ride into the funeral with American flags and the presence of a hundred people honoring the dead hero, shouts of Westboro haters gets drowned out. This is an interesting approach to respect the Constitution while denying hate to dominate a funeral.

Question: Where are the Patriotic Guard Riders when Tea Party folk shout hate and ignorance?