Right Girl, Wrong Girl

My initial teaching experience in a small town high school taught me one thing-there are people in the town who will never go to jail and there are people in the town who will always wind up in jail. Stacey Rambold is a 54 year old teacher who apparently belongs to the right side of the tracks. He raped a 14 year old student who then committed suicide. One day Stacey appeared before a friendly Judge G. Todd Baugh who was appalled that a decent man could be brought into court for the alleged crime of being party to the suicide of Cherice Moralez. A “Moralez” vs a Rambold? The kindly judge decided, after gazing at a picture of the well developed 14 year old that it was her fault to be raped. She just had breasts that were too big for an ordinary decent man to ignore. The judge sentenced Rambold to a three year long program to help him deal with his sexual inclinations. Naturally, Rambold never showed up.

Anyway, the judge DID impose a sentence in jail. Thirty days in prison was certainly the right sentence for leading a girl to suicide–isn’t it?