Right On Says Sarkozy!

Nicolas Sarkozy wants to win the presidency of France and he is prepared to say or do anything  in order to  obtain that goal. Nick the Geek has decided to play the “Right Card” which translates into being anti-Muslim,  anti-immigrant, anti-Europe, and any other “anti” that will get him a vote. He has become the champion of the National Front which historically has been anti-Europe, anti-semitic,  anti-Muslim and anti modern ideas related to globablism.

Sarkozy has decided that a “mouse-hole” exists through which he can crawl to victory by emphasizing hatred of Muslims and immigrants and even of the Europe which he has been building the past several years. He accused his opponent, Francois Hollande, of “insulting” Natinal Front folk. He has assured
French bigots that he hears their “cry of suffering” and will do all in his power to “protect French identity.”

Sarkozy is the child of immigrants to France.  What better person than the child of immigrants to denounce immigrants??